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RateGain Technologies Announces Visible Hotels, Istanbul as their Regional Partners.

RateGain Technologies, the leader in providing innovative price intelligence and revenue management solutions for travel and hospitality industries, today announced its association with Visible Hotels, a leading hotel consulting firm based out of Istanbul, to make available its complete suite of solutions to the growing number of hotels in Istanbul. Under the partnership, Visible Hotels would be the regional partners of RateGain and would represent the company in Istanbul by offering their wide range of solutions - Unity, RezGain, RevGain and Optima - to the city’s hotels, thereby enabling them to expand their reach in the region.

Unity is RateGain’s all-in-one revenue management solution, which efficiently manages all important functions of a hotel including inventory management, online reputation management, distribution and pricing, all through a single interface. RezGain is the company’s superior cloud-based channel management solution, which helps hotels in seamless distribution of rates and inventory online, thereby ensuring rate parity. RevGain is an expert pricing and revenue optimization offering by RateGain which helps hotels maximize their yields and generate a high RevPar. Optima is the company’s powerful price intelligence and rate shopping tool which enables hotels to efficiently optimize rates and take efficient pricing decisions. The use of these new age tools would help the hotels of Istanbul drive higher levels of efficiency and ultimately achieve the goal of revenue maximization.

According to Bhanu Chopra, CEO, RateGain Technologies, “The city of Istanbul has rose to become one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, which has recently witnessed the highest increase in hotel occupancy rates among all European destinations. Making our solutions available to the widespread hospitality industry of the region was more than a necessity, and our partnership with Visible Hotels would allow us to do that. We look forward to the association, and aim to help hotels in Istanbul operate in a better way and make more revenue.”

According to Bora Yildirim, Founder, Visible Hotels, “We are proud to be chosen as the preferred partner of RateGain. Before collaborating with a Revenue Management partner, we did our bit of research. We received a very good feedback from the market about RateGain. They have strong credibility in the market and are known for their next generation revenue management solutions. Visible Hotels has a robust presence in Istanbul and we are well-networked with all the hotels here, with the partnership we hope to empower hotels here and make them move towards the goal of revenue maximization.”

About Visible Hotels

Visible Hotels is a leading consulting firm in Istanbul, Turkey, that provides specialized consultancy services to hotels to enhance their image, globalization opportunities and profitability. The company was set up to with an aim to help hotels increase their revenue and market share over the period of time. It focuses on the hotels’ strengths along with the most critical issues to determine their current needs at any given point of time. It then suggests appropriate solutions and market strategies that enable revenue-led growth.

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